Best UK UFO Footage Ever Caught on Tape?

This short clip portrays 8 of the best UK UFO clips ever captured, they are extremely original and authenticated.



In this video we look to England.

First we go to Cheshire. Filmed on June 29, 2008. Unaware and filming a plane, an unknown disk shaped Craft appears in the skies above the town Elworth.

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Multiple eyewitnesses Report the Sighting to the authorities.




Southern England – June 1976. During the Filming of The first ever commercial flight of a British Airways Concorde. A small spherical object appears in shot. The craft curiously Investigates the Concorde, then disappears into the sky, at an incredible speed. here we look at the original footage.



The Kodak company analysed the footage. claiming the anomaly was due to a flare of the camera. Yet, no video analysis or evidence to disprove this footage has ever been disclosed to the public.

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Tower Bridge, June 24 2011.

Unwittingly Captured by a tourist visiting the famous Tower Bridge. The footage shows what appears to be orb like craft shooting across the sky at impossible speeds.

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Ten minits later The same day, Around 4.2 miles away from the Bridge. We again witness the Orb like craft. This time near the BBC station in Portland Place,London. Curious to why people were looking up at the sky, more video footage was Captured.

An unidentified object is Seen and captured on film by a passing motorist. Shortly after, what look to be military owned jets, arrive in the scene.

The next footage date is Unknown. by all researchable information found, this film was taken on the 21 September 2001. Although, these orbs could have been filmed, yet again, on the same day as the previous Sightings around London.
Tyne and Wear. the 11th September 2011. A perfect triangular shape light formation is seen in the night sky. The eye witness grabs his camera and captures the Object on video.

Liverpool, March 2nd, 2015. This Footage was taken on board a commercial flight. As it exits the frame, The object can be seen accelerating at speeds no modern aviation technology today can perform.Is it possible these sightings are military aviation projects? yet to be revealed to the public?

Or, are these credible UFO sitings visitors from another world.

alien in window

alien in window

Millions of galaxies, stars and planets, existing in the expanding universe. Could it be possible? are we being visited by intelligent life forms? Curiosity, has its own reason for existence. One cannot help but question the mysteries. of eternity,of life, and of the beautiful structure of reality

“All UFOrbs” Keep watching the skies, Keep your mind open, and your camera’s ready.

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