Alien Crop Circles, Geometric Messages from Out of Space?

Are Alien Crop Circles Geometric Messages from Out of Space?

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Research later revealed that not only have crop circles appeared in Australia, but they are also described in Aboriginal myths, just as their geometries appear in ancient Aboriginal rock paintings.



Australian Aborigines have been imitating the crop circles trilling sound for generations. During ceremonies to contact their “sky spirits”, the Aborigines attach a specially-shaped piece of wood called bora to the end of a long string. It is whirled around, creating a noise practically identical to the crop circle sound.


In the 1950s, American agricultural researcher George Smith found that exposing cornstalks to sound produced a higher heat content in its soil, as well as a slight burnt appearance at the base of the stalks.

Such effects are consistent with the effects found in crop circles, where the soil is always noticeably drier—in some cases even baked—than the rest of the field, and the affected stalks are slightly charred just above the soil.



The indigenous aboriginal people of Australia first occupied this country over 50,000 years ago. Their tribal groupings, scattered across this vast continent, include the Patjantatjara, Wotjobaluk, Wikmunkan, Warramanga, Murinbata, Aranda, Mara, Kurnai, the Dogon and Walbiri.



Were these the first people to have made alien contact?

Many documentaries Suggest this could indeed be the case.

Oddly enough, Smith speculated that particular sound frequencies actually increased molecular activity in plants. Three decades later, tests performed by physicist Dr. W. Levengood have proved that whatever energy is creating crop circles is affecting seed embryo and plant growth.



By interfering with the plants’ natural growth cycle. This energy also elongates the plants’ nodes and even alters their crystalline structure (the plants’ form at a molecular level).

So why would these sounds and patterns still be celebrated to this day?

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