Aliens & UFO’s Killing Humans, or HAARP Frequency & Laser Weapons?

Aliens & UFO's are Killing Humans ? Or could the military and HAARP be testing new Frequency & Laser Weapons? Scary to think on either way!  Watch the Full Documentary on YouTube Below. Please Support the site by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

Any Help Much appreciated. Thank You, Tony – UFOrbs.

what is an alien? In science fiction, aliens are fictional organisms that did not originate on the planet earth. Sometimes the term is restricted to nonhuman intelligent species from other planets; sometimes it includes organisms that are not intelligent.

In science, an alien life form is one that is not native to the planet Earth. Science has not identified any alien life forms, but there are science-based efforts to assess what they might be like, so they can be looked for. These efforts include fields such as exobiology and projects such as SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence).

In law and human politics, an alien is a human being who is not a citizen of the country making an assessment of who is an alien. Aliens may also be of Machine intelligence or artificial life and as such not "organisms".

Life as we know it and understand it is but one possibility. the term "alien" is used to describe that which is different than the norm, or from us.

So why would they want to kill Humans?

This is a great yet disturbing Documentary on a case in Brazil where people claim to have been attacked by aliens and others killed by them. With UFO's in the sky with bright lights coursing the harm.

Are aliens really visiting earth and kill us off one by one, in some kind of ET take over bid?

"An Airforce captain dies suspiciously. This is after he has reported mysterious events of intelligent spacecraft’s and fatalities of humans at the hands of aliens."

Why is the Brazilian government covering this story up? Why are the aliens vesting earth? What is the alien’s intention? Have they struck deal with the government? Do other governments know about these issues? How long have we known about these beings?

Lot of questions i know. But maybe there is a more plausible yet sinister explanation. What if it's a military opp? Using secret weapons on the public. Only in impoverish area's. Human test subjects. Either way something happened to those people. What happened we may never know. 

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