Alien Inside UFO! Lost UFO Sighting Found! London U.K

This UFO Sighting truly is epic. ALIEN INSIDE UFO! –  LOST UFO FOOTAGE FOUND! | London U.K, 01.02.06 |  Triangle UFO

These events took place on February 1st 2016. 

Relaxing in they’re living room, a young couple who wish to remain anonymous spotted something strange in the sky’s. Outside there home in Enfield, London.



Without a doubt, this is some of the best UFO footage ever seen.  This footage has not received the attention or analysis deserving of such a great UFO footage. So please, share this information.



Luckily, a recording device was nearby and most of the close encounter was filmed on a tablet computer.


Hundreds of images were also taken using there phones. Here are the ORIGINAL images.





The Witness Statements:


“We recorded this UFO sighting from our flat in ponders end, Enfield, London, UK.”


“At first glance you might think this object to be a star to the untrained eye, but it’s clearly not. I grabbed my tablet computer and zoomed in to get a better look.  Soon as i knew it was a UFO i started to film.”


“I took pictures with my mobile zooming  in also to make sure i had a comparison. Some of the pictures i took that night are very strange!”


Enfield  itself is no stranger to the paranormal. A long history of the town Enfield’s UFO & ghost encounters has been all documented.


The Film the conjuring 2 was based around a paranormal event, that took place in the 80’s. not far from where the UFO sighting in 2016 took place.




Here is the Conjuring 2 trailer for those of interest:



The Enfield Poltergeist was also made into a TV series in 2016. And another Film was shot using the actual house. They did the screening of the premier inside the house itself! Anyway here is the trailer again, if you are of an interest.



Here is Janet, a small girl who apparently in these images has been under the control of some demonic force.



Levitation, or bed jump? You decide…



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