Is Russia behind the hacks leading to the Wikileaks releases?

According to The USA government Russia is behind the hacks leading to the Wikileaks releases during this 2016 election campaign, but is everything truly as it seems?
Well Where Are They Then?

​One would assume that if Russia is somehow deeply involved in the Wikileaks hacks and further more directly involved in the Trump campaign this past election season that we would be able to identify at least one or 2 individuals close to the campaign or at very least someone close to Wikileaks that we may identify as a Russian Agent.

Through a lengthy investigation with double and triple reviews of the data to confirm there was nothing missed, we found nothing.

Nothing in regards to Russia at least.

Who is Close To Wikileaks?

The closer one looks the more obvious it becomes to the point of  it being undeniable so much so i must do nothing but lay out the facts.

I will begin this with a report from the  Youtube Channel Snordster:

From 6 years ago, and even more valid today. This is the vid that got Snordelhans erased from Utube. It got deleted three times before that. They got Julian Assange to act as Wikileaks front-man. A sleazy character, who, like most other assets they procure for such operations, had a long history of criminal behavior and a strange history of being forgiven for it.
Scripted by Jonathan Azaziah in 2010

As the Senior Editor at Veterans Today said in a releases on August 16th 2016:

There is no such thing as “Wikileaks.”  The organization, such as it was, broke up years ago.  Assange manages nothing from the Ecuadorian embassy or during his evening field trips to the “pedophile palaces” of the Tory elites that make up his circle of friends in Britain.


Sheldon Adelson actually employs Benjamin Netanyahu to aid in casino licenses and Adelson is the biggest donor to Netanyahu’s political life.

Netanyahu is the biggest mass murderer in recent history and Trumps biggest silent backer.

Julian Assange of Wikileaks has often spoken of his admiration of Netanyhau, the biggest mass murderer of recent times.

Are you yet getting the picture?

The idea that a Mossad front, Wikileaks, that has done nothing but leak (and fabricate) pro-Trump conspiracy material, that has fronted for Israel as proven as early as 2010, an organization that openly admits that Israel filters all releases, has credibility of any kind is an abuse of reason.

We begin with a lie, an openly gay mind control drone, Assange, packaged by the press, packaged by the Zionist Murdoch press empire, protected by Britain’s powerful pedophile community, that this manufactured stooge should have a voice at all is an abuse of reason.

We met Assange as an alleged date rapist of a pair of Swedish “ladies.”  This reminds us all of when Larry Flynt accused openly gay George W. Bush of getting 5 women pregnant, a cover for the White House overnight sojourns of Jeff Gannon.

Sheldon Adelson is also the biggest backer of Donald Trump.

When 50 hated Bush staffers dumped on Trump, a rogues gallery of named war criminals or universally hated neocons, the worst of Washington’s dregs, dumped on Trump when the Trump campaign was hopelessly drowning, 8 points behind in the polls and sinking, it had to be obvious.  This is an attempt to make Trump seem credible.  Didn’t anyone notice that those who signed the letter all work for Sheldon Adelson? When George “W” Bush, most hated politician in the world, least popular ex-president in history, a man that makes Nixon look like a “man of the people,” withheld support for Trump, don’t you think he is doing exactly what Trump asked for?

If this is not enough for you I’m glad, we have just begun.

Up next is a piece By Still Speaking Out in which Assange himself in an interview openly admits to collaboration with the most Senior Israeli Office

If you haven’t heard or seen enough I will refer back to Snordster again going into some of the older details available about wikileaks Agenda from the start:
I do have to give many thanks to the people who have put these videos and articles together in advance of my own unveiling, leaving me with little to no work of my own to do on the topic.

In the next video Assange is covered while collaborating with Fake-stream Media Corporations:

You may still be confused by why Wikileaks is here, then if not to give us legitimate releases then why?
By now if you don’t know what’s what you have chosen what you want to believe and nothing I may add will change that fact.

Myself, stumbled onto this from a completely different angle working my way to it in a very short amount of time.

It all started for me with a type of video that I would normally find too speculative to follow up on but some of its content got me thinking. Especially points in reference to WHY? My favorite word.

​Here it is:

If you missed the references in the video I will reiterate them for you.

The point that got me thinking was why has #Pizzagate been brought to the public leaving the comet pizza pedophile society and its affiliates without its veil of secrets and cover.

So I began to research the owner of comet pizza, then John Podesta, then his brother and then Hillary Clinton and the only one I could find any cause with was the Clintons and Hillary herself.

Once I viewed Israeli news the story became very clear.

Previous to the election of Donald Trump the entire Israeli media spectrum was nonstop reporting on a list of concerns they had with Clinton and the possibility of her taking the presidency.

It was not that she talked badly about the Israeli’s or Jews, it’s that she double dealt them telling the Palestinians and their supporters what they wanted when speaking to them but then telling the Israeli’s what they wanted to hear when speaking to them.

It was clear within an hour that the entire Jewish world had moved against this women far before the campaign even got heated, but we never heard about it and that’s the true magic of the event, the manner in which the international Jewish community maneuvered all their ducks in a row to fool the entire American population in an orchestration on par with 911, Hollywood or daily propaganda pushed through the gullible masses TV sets.

One may not have to look hard to find an array of the true opinions of the Jewish community in regards to Hillary Clinton.

​Whether one was looking at Israeli news directly or simply news tagged to show up in Israeli news results, these were the opinions echoed by the Jewish community and the key reason to Clinton’s defeat.

As in every other election cycle the deciding factor is the Jewish community holding an overbearing grip on the entire information world, leading myself to understand that Wikileaks and Assange are not directed by Russia in any way but instead it’s a complete Mossad Op since the get go.

The simple fact is that Obama and Clinton got in the way of Israel, not so much to be a true problem, but enough for the Israelis to take offence.

The deal with Iran under Obama halts the Zionists plans for control of the entire Middle East by adding a clause within the deal that if Iran is attacked even by Israel then the United States must come to the defense of Iran, militarily. This subversion of the Zionist plans to attack Iran were the almighty nails hammered into the coffins of the democrats for not playing puppet after being elected purely on pay to play means.

They cut deals with the opposing side and made themselves an enemy of the state of Israel.

I finish with this last piece from Snordster as the completion of my article today.

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