Have you ever experienced missing time?

Have you ever experienced missing time?

Many people around the world are suffering with the same problem, missing time. After hypnosis regression, light can be shed on what happened during the time lost. Bill Herman, Betty and Barney Hill, Travis Walton are just a few of the cases that got the attention of the mainstream media.

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But there are many untold stories, some of which may disturb you to watch.



Alien abductions.

Well known abduction accounts with sterling evidence to back up there experiences are intriguing to say the least. the Betty and Barney Hill abduction Called the “flagship case” of alien abduction. A husband and wife (Betty and Barney Hill) taking a short vacation see a bright object in the evening. They are stopped on the road by aliens and become part of an abduction case for the ages. Regressive hypnosis plays a major role in unveiling a sinister account of what took place. Alien abduction. With medical examinations using what can only be described as inhuman methods of implementation to an unwilling


alien abductions

alien abductions


Alien abduction accounts of note, written by Billy Booth




In South Ashburnham, Massachusetts on the night of January 25, 1967, one of the most celebrated cases of UFO abduction began. Betty Andreasson was working in her kitchen while her seven children, mother, and father were in the living room… suddenly a bright light invades the house. From the yard, alien creatures are seen hopping toward the house! One of the strangest abduction cases.



As Patrolman Schirmer passed through the intersection of Highway 6 with Highway 63 on the outskirts of Ashland, he saw what appeared to be red lights on a large truck stopped a short way down Highway 63. He decided to turn around and check it out. He drove the short distance down 63 and stopped with his headlights shining on the object. According to Schirmer, the object was definitely not a truck. The red lights that he had seen were blinking through the oval portholes of a metallic, oval-shaped object.



Only seven and a half years after the Betty and Barney Hill story, the New England states would again host an alien abduction. Buff Ledge in Vermont would be the site of a visitation by four UFOs which would make revolutionary aerial maneuvers, Two counselors would suffer missing time, and seek professional help.



Fifteen different people see a large, silver UFO fly over a housing project in St. Tammany Parish, New Orleans, Louisiana. Only a scant 24 hours later, Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson would unwillingly take a journey into the unknown… strange creatures with claw-like hands abduct them. J. Allen Hynek investigates.



Alamogordo, New Mexico would be the location of a UFO encounter involving Air Force Sergeant Charles L. Moody on August 13, 1975. Moody was in the desert observing a meteor shower at ab 1:15 A.M. when he saw a glowing, metallic, disk-shaped object falling toward the ground about 300 feet away.



As seven bloggers began their journey home, they see a “luminous object, shaped like a flattened disc.” All of the men agreed that Travis Walton, captivated by the sight, left the truck to get a closer look. A blue beam hits him, throwing him to the ground. He would vanish for five days, and soon begin telling his story of the inside of an extraterrestrial spacecraft.


1976 The Stanford, Kentucky Abductions


While America was still buzzing over the Travis Walton abduction, three women are abducted near Stanford, Kentucky. Heading for Hustonville on Highway 78, they suddenly see a “bright, red” object in the clear, night sky, turning a nice evening into a night of terror.

1976 The Allagash Abductions


The Allagash Waterway incident would involve multiple witnesses. Four artists were enjoying a canoeing trip on the Allagash Waterway when their pleasant evening was turned into a nightmare… A nightmare of missing time and alien abduction. At first only missing time, and then forgetfulness. Finally a connection is made, and little by the details become known in this compelling case of alien abduction.


The Allagash Abduction

The Allagash Abduction

1976 The Dechmont Forest Abduction


Robert Taylor was sixty-one-years-old at the time that he had the most unusual encounter of his life. He had worked as a forester all of his adult life in the Dechmont woods located in Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland. On the morning of Friday, November 9, 1979, he and his red setter rounded a corner on a forest trail and saw an unbelievable sight, a UFO! The object appeared to be hovering just above the forest floor. It made no sound, and seemed to be motionless.



1985 The Whitley Strieber Abduction



Well known writer Whitley Strieber would be abducted by aliens while in his isolated cabin in upstate New York over the Christmas season of 1985. He encountered 4 types of alien beings, which subjected him to medical tests.


1987 The Ilkley Moor Alien


A policeman named Philip Spencer claims to have taken a picture of an alien being. If this is true, it is one of only a few in existence. The scary Ilkley Moor in Yorkshire, England would hold the secret of the strange creature encountered one early morning. Godfrey was frightened, but ran after the creature, taking one photograph. See it here. Through hypnosis, he would recall an odd flying object, and an alien abduction.


1988 Father & Son Abducted


John Salter Jr. and his son are abducted by benevolent aliens. One of the few cases in which alien abduction turned out to be a good thing. Medical experimentation has a happy ending, with improved health for both abductees.


1989 Linda Cortile-Napolitano Abduction


An extremely compelling case of alien abduction is that of Linda Napolitano. Napolitano has claimed that she was abducted by the so-called “greys,” who floated her from a closed bedroom window into a hovering UFO. As time went by, several different eye witnesses came forward to substantiate her claims… Several bystanders, including a well known politician, actually see the incident.


alien in window

alien in window


1993 The Kelly Cahill Abduction


In August 1993, 27-year-old Kelly Cahill, her husband, and three children were driving home after a visit to a friend’s house. Their routine journey would soon become a harrowing trip into an unknown world of strange beings that occupied space but were void of color as we know it. The Dandenong foothills, near Victoria, Australia would be forever linked to one of the strangest creatures in Ufological archives.


1997 Abduction in Wales


One of the weirdest cases reported to the Welsh Federation of Independent Ufologists is the multiple sighting of UFOs on the same night – except one family got too close for comfort and were apparently abducted. The strange and disturbing events began to unfold when for several nights an elderly man living in Little Orme, Conwy, was troubled by what he called “frightening” beams of light over the Great Orme.


Have you ever experienced missing time? Many people experience missing time. After hypnosis regression, a sinister truth reveals. The question is, would you really want to know?


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