WikiLeaks Reveal “UFO Warnings!” Disturbing UFO Sightings of 2016 – Top 10’s.

WikiLeaks Reveal “UFO Warnings!” Disturbing UFO Sightings of 2016 – Top 10’s. WIKILEAKS REVEAL TOP 10 UFO SIGHTINGS 2016.

WikiLeaks Reveal “UFO Warnings!” Top 10 UFO Sightings of 2016:

Number ten . The California UFOrb.Southern California. May 5th, 2016
In may, 2016 this footage was shot Over Southern California. It shows a meteor type object burning out within earth s atmosphere. Next a bright orb is seen detaching from the first unknown object.
The orbs speed and manoeuvrability seems impossible as it leaves the frame.

Number Nine. Iowa Lights Display
Location: Norwalk, Iowa, U.S | Date of UFO sighting: August 18, 2016
A man Driving home spots peculiar lights in the distant clear sky. He gets closer and starts to film. Fascinated, the witness pulls over for a better look.
Number Eight. Iowa Lights Display | Location: South Carolina
At 9:15, 3 bright orange objects were seen to the north-east night sky. Multiple witness statements were taken. “They were moving slowly to the west and rotating around each other slowly, our neighbours came out and we all witnessed it. I have never seen anything in the sky like that before”
Number Seven. The Plasma Orb Location: North Poland – Węgorzewo
On June 12, 2016 this plasma orb UFO was recorded over the skies of North Poland. The clip shows a bright orb flying across the sky. Displaying an ability to change in shape and density.
Number Six UFO in Florida. Date of sighting: January 2016.Location of sighting: Dunnellon, Florida
Shot over the skies of Dunnellon, Florida. While driving a UFO is spotted hovering in the sky. The Object increases in brightness before quickly disappearing from sight.
Number Five
Florida Sunset Anomaly . April 8th 2016 | Location Florida US
This Bright Light was caught on film while watching the sun setting over Florida’s sky’s.
Number Four April 05th 2016.

The International Space station’s Live feed was recorded using a mobile device while steaming NASA’s live feed. Notice the orb like object appear just above the earth’s orbit. The Feed was cut shortly after the anomaly was seen.
Number Three. Milwaukee, WI – September 16, 2016
Spotted by four witnesses while sitting on a front porch. moving and hover for a few minutes before flying out of view. Minutes later a second object is seen creating a white strip in the sky. as it passed over the moon.

Number 2. NEW YORK – August 4, 2016 10pm
A couple driving home notice a bright light. The object was filmed and remains unexplained. Multiple witnesses in the area also claim to have seen the craft.
Number One. 10th February 2016 – Enfield UFO
A star like object is spotted in the night sky. on filming , something far more unusual than a star,or any known aviation technology is seen. This footage was taken in Enfield, London. notice in parts, a clear triangle shape with a central sphere can be depicted. Much like previous sightings reported around the World.
Witness statements:
“We videoed this from our flat in Enfield, London. At first glance you might think this object is a star. With my tablet we were able to zoom in fully. What we saw next was amazing. ”
The couple who wish to remain anonymous have experienced many UFO sightings of late. These mysterious encounters have all been filmed and documented. The UFOrbs research team have frequent contact with the witnesses. We have much supporting footage and evidence validating the authenticity of this case.
A full disclosure of these facts will be uploaded. This will be a feature documentary Only available with UFOrbs UFO Network. Please Hit the subscribe button to stay informed. If you wish to receive recent upload notifications. Please Click on the all new YouTube bell Icon, This is a free service.

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